We are committed to improving the efficiency, integrity, and quality of the transportation industry. Specializing in refrigeration truckload and expedite, rush-critical, time-sensitive shipments, our fleet of tractors and straight trucks will service the most demanding customer.

Whether you’re considering a solutions provider to your organization or looking for help covering a last-minute load. Load Paradise provides value through our extensive carrier network, industry-leading technology and our commitment to the highest levels of service and integrity in the business

Our Founders:

Load Paradise was founded by Truck Drivers for the purpose to ignite the transportation industry with creativity, technology, and world-class customer service. With experience of 20 years in the transportation industry, our commitment remains unmatched to our customers, partner, carriers, and drivers.

Our Mission:

Creative | Logistics | Solutions is how we get it done! Load Paradise is committed to providing our customers with world-class customer service using our talented group of people and robust technology. Never forgetting to always handle business with the highest level of honesty and integrity.

Why chose us

We carry insurance so all products that are shipped are covered.

We are family owned company with over 20 yrs experience in the trucking industry.

We have access to 1000s of different carriers.

Your load always arrives on time and safe.